Connection to Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and Washtenaw Literacy (WL)
GROW U collaborates with EMU’s World Language Department who provides Master level students as our ELL tutors. The tutors fulfill a Methods Class requirement and we receive well trained tutors for our ELL classes. Washtenaw Literacy also provides us with trained tutors and includes us as a location in their larger county-wide effort to eliminate illiteracy in Washtenaw County.
How to get involved
Coordinator for ESL and Basic Literacy: verifies sufficient weekly tutors, greets weekly learners and determines what level they will attend, completes and keeps attendance records, compiles semester summary of data, promotions in the community via online presence, stores, restaurants, community centers; 5 hours/week
Tutors for ESL groups: training given by Washtenaw Literacy; 2-4 hours/week
Tutors for Basic Literacy: one-on-one help – training given by Washtenaw Literacy; 1-3 hours/week
Readers: go to school and listen to children read and/or read aloud to children; a background check will be run on each volunteer; 1-5 hours/week