connect, nurture, grow
Community Connections

GROW U brings schools, community neighbors, churches and businesses together to equip children and adults to thrive in their environment.
– schools give space and time with students
– neighbors volunteer time
– businesses provide finances
– businesses provide volunteers
– churches provide volunteers
– churches provide finances
– churches provide finances
Ypsilanti Community Schools, Washtenaw Literacy and GROW U offer training and support for our volunteers
Community Commendation
GROW U‘s programs have made a significant impact on the lives of Perry ELC students and families. During the 2017-2018 school year, GROW U offered workshops through “Strengthening Families” and ESL evening gatherings. These workshops resulted in increased awareness of positive parenting strategies, ways to support children’s social-emotional and academic growth, and strategies to connect home practices with positive school outcomes. In addition, the ELL gatherings provided a way for ELL families to access school resources. Perry ELC students and families benefited from the Red Backpack program, an invaluable resource to Perry ELC families, addresses food shortages during the weekends. Students and families look forward to receiving their backpacks at the end of each school week.”
Dr. Connie Thompson, former principal Perry ELC